This is Kaylee Diggs: Be like Kaylee Diggs!!!

One of my favorite KC Ambush 03 players I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching finally got the chance to brag about no-longer having “warning track power”.  During their high school game,  she launched a 2 run opposite field “SHOT!” (from what I hear).

Back story: Kaylee Diggs (P,  CI, OF, 2021) is a consistent power hitter leading our team with 24 extra base hits and is on the fast track to certain stardom.  She has consistently hit the ball close to the fence all year long.  Every time she ends up on 2nd or 3rd, I’d jokingly yell to her, ” you should’ve used a different bat!” or “you only have warning track power!”

8/27/2018 @ 8:51 pm, I received the best text I’ve received in a while…

“I hit a homer! No more warning track power!”

I could sense the excitement in her text as she assured me that’s the very first thing she thought of.  Later in the conversation she admitted she almost caught a “seasonal allergy” at the very moment the ball cleared the fence.

Congratulations Kid! Keep doing YOU! Looking forward to many more (FOR AMBUSH THOUGH)!

Note from dad… “Kaylee is always putting in the extra work with little complaint no matter the day or time.  I don’t know many kids her age with her work ethic.  I’m glad to see it paying off!  YOU earned it kid!”