A few things about KC Ambush 03’s – Top Gun Dicovery’s 2nd place finish.

Top Gun Discovery – 2nd place finish pose.

I usually write up something about the weekend in a story telling format. This may eventually get to that but I’m going to try something new today.  A list of observations from this weekend.  There’s just too much random stuff in my head to try to make a story.

  • On the rebound: Our pitching is coming around. The beginning of the season we struggled a little bit coming out the gate. But we’ve had 2 weekends of consistency out of pitching.  With that, we’re a way more balanced team.
  • Our defense is AWESOME! I’ll put our defense up against anyone. We make the routine plays as well as make the almost impossible plays look routine. Of course there’s still a lot left we can improve on but I love our chances in any situation. Having said that, every game /situation is still a learning experience.
  • Interesting things commented on: We played up 18A last weekend and the team was confident they were going to beat “a bunch of 7th graders”. However in the midst of their 5-0 defeat the coach took it out of his way to compliment our pitcher Kaylee Diggs who was mowing down his hitters one by one. This weekend she had the best game pitching I’ve ever been able to witness. Pitching a 0-0 tie, 7 innings pitched, 14K, 4H, 1BB. She hit every spot consistently and couldn’t miss no matter the location.
  • More interesting thing – asked of me this time. We had a particular umpire that umpired 3-4 of our games this weekend. He came up to me before game 3 of our 5 game bracket day, “I’m wondering how do you guys continue to do all this winning with no true power hitter(s)?”  Best I could describe it for him was, think of the 2015 World Champions Royals. We keep the train moving. I’ve been really lucky to inherit selfless girls that take care of their business outside of Ambush by bettering their games outside of my time with them.
  • It’s all in their body motion – We were playing a team we had a few words with over them trying to overun/dictate our corner of our small warmup area before a game. Our girls were chomping at the bit trying to play them. We had to wait to finish our game and then another game before we’d finally meet up with them. That game ended up 2-2 (which we should’ve won).  Anyways, we met up again with them in bracket when it matters most. It was a 0-0 tie for the first 3 innings. There was one play in particular that set the tone of the tournament in my opinion. 2 outs, top of 3, runner on 1st and 2nd and there’s a single up the middle and coach sends the runner home. MaKenzie Moore threw a ROPE to catcher Camille Davidson for the out at the plate. Of course we were pumped and stoked but in the midst of it all, I managed to pay really close attention to THEM between innings. They came out of their dugout SO slow and each and every one of them WALKED onto the field. Not one person even slightly trotted to their position. Right then and there I knew we had them. the next half inning, the floodgates opened and we scored 8 runs as they simply gave up.
  • Did I mention how awesome our defense is: We simply won a game on lack basic techniques on defense by the other team. The entire time when the other team makes a defensive mistake I’m pointing out that’s why we do things this way or that way. The simplest things we do (I’m not telling the mistakes they made) literally allowed us to score 6 runs just because their players weren’t taught or told to do things correctly.
  • Goals! For a 1st year team, our goal is to always be at least .500. This year, I challenged our girls to think, “#WhyNotUs?”. With the tougher schedule and opponents this year, we’re comfortably above .500. More closer to .600 I think. Second year goals are always .750 or better. I’ll push that envelope when we get there.
  • Did I also mention how dedicated the girls are?: Most of my girls are multi-sport athletes. They work out on their own and train year round and are constantly striving to get better. I look at other teams players through the years and see how their players have matured and although my girls have gotten more mature they’ve all taken great care of their bodies as they’re growing  and reaming in great shape.
  • Our defense is awesome: One team we were playing had a ball hit to their SS close to second base and the SS tagged the base and threw to 1st for the double play. Their crowd went CRAZY like either it was their first ever double play or the SS made a SC top 10 play. I was completely baffled by this. This tournament alone we made 2, 6-4-3 double plays (2 in one game) and 1, 4-6-3 double play. That’s not including other types of double plays.

I know. I know… Not a lot about the actual tournament in this segment but these were just my observations over the tournament. However, I’m totally biased and a total homer.

At the end of the day, I feel (and many will agree with me) that we’re one of those teams you don’t want to face in bracket. Rightfully so. Watch us get our asses handed to us in this weekend’s upcoming bracket.


#Why not us – Right?