KC Ambush 07: VIP Series Fall Kickoff – Bronze!


This is KC Ambush ’07.  A feisty bunch that just took 3rd place (in the top flight) in the VIP Series Fall Kickoff tournament.  I knew they’d be pretty decent sooner or later but this is their 1st tournament of the season.

Soon after tryouts, we assembled the team and hit the techniques and fundamentals hard the Ambush way.  All weekend I was constantly reminded of how they’ve been paying attention to the little things we teach. From throwing motions, catching with 2 hands down to the very basics of our triangles we go over every practice… I was thoroughly impressed.

I really didn’t expect them to be so decent so quick.  I figured, we’d use this tournament as a tournament to see how we are as a team; to see our potential and get exposed so that we’ll know what we need to work on going forward.  That never happened.  I by no, means expected a 3rd place overall finish.  The girls are starting to take to our fundamental teachings and applying them in game situations.

For instance, while we had some down-time between games, we worked on slap footwork and hand positioning.  Low and behold, we came out the gate swinging as the girls were professional slap hitters logging base hits.  Now granted, we didn’t face the best pitching but the techniques they followed is what I’m looking for most in situations like this.

After the dust settled, the girls ended up losing 2-1 in a pitchers duel to Legacy 07 in the semi-final.  Legacy 07 came away victorious with a timely walk-off hit to score the winning runner on 3rd base.

We’re VERY proud of these girls as they really get what we’re trying to accomplish as a team.  They’re really buying in and it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.  Can’t wait to witness what’s in store for these girls in the near future.  It’s all good in Ambush land!

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