Why We Coach!


This is a section that I love going over from time to time.  A lot of it is the pure innocence / excitement of a relationship starting. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy reading these every once in a while.

Thank you for never quitting on my kid, we will miss you!

She really enjoys having you as her coach and does feel like you believe in her. That’s so valuable to her dad and I and we appreciate you.

Just wanted to say thank you for giving (player) the chance to improve so much this year. We’ll be sad not to play for you next season. Gonna hit  up some tryouts and get in a good spot, but they’ll have a lot to live up to.

Hi Roger. (Player) was really sore after practice but last night she pulled up some work out videos and 30 day ab challenge and was attempting to work out. She was using my bench at base of my bed to jump up on telling me all about your workout. This morning she told me she wanted me to go to the store and make sure we had a lot of healthy food for her this week so your workout had a positive influence on her.

Hi Roger! Just wanted to say thank you for taking “Player”.  By allowing her to come to your team “Player’s” beautiful smile returned to her face!  You have a great group of girls and I’m looking forward to cheering for our team this fall!
Roger, Thank you so much for giving (player) the opportunity to practice with your team!  We both thoroughly enjoyed the morning.  The level of instruction and play was not even comparable to what she has had….we were very pleasantly impressed! I chatted with – mother during the practice, and I really liked what I heard her say about the team, coaches, parents, etc.
Roger, Wanted to run an idea by you.  Our club has lots of age ups going on as we transition to next season (my team included). That will leave us with gaps for the ’03 age group and 8u. As I understand it, you are fielding teams in both of these divisions for next season, with your 12u team being primarily ’03?  Would you be interested in opening discussions on joining/combining with our group? I think it might make sense from an age group perspective and hopefully make us stronger overall. Ideally I would like to field an ’03 team capable of competing at the A level next season.

Through text message: “Nice being strong up the middle. Very impressed with the team. I think we’re starting to make some noise in 14A and now 16A as a team you don’t want to face.  Glad you wanted us to join. I told “player” that I forsee her finishing her competitive  career with Ambush as it’s nice having someone to trust I can turn her over to.”

Through a private message via forums: “Kicking ourselves all the time for ever leaving”

“We have seen Ambush on the field and the coaching at games and at the tryout we came to with my younger (06) daughter. We really liked it. I can Identify with the style. Simple, Fair, Accountable, Fast Paced. The coaches are on the same page. COMMUNICATION is very good.”

“Also a question that you asked me about why we were looking to leave the team?  Got me thinking and I wanted to share something with you.  I was truly amazed on how you ran practice and focused on the fundamentals.  I brought that up at our end of the year meeting and was told that we don’t have time to work on fundamentals.  I was actually blow away with that response considering how much the team fell off towards the end of the year.  I also appreciate you working with player during tryouts.”

Either my wife or I will be bringing Our younger daughter to the tryout on Monday for KC Ambush 06.  I saw the KC Ambush 03 team play “another team” and was very impressed with all aspects of their game and the players. I have talked to a couple people and they have had good things to say about you (Mike Moore). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know we plan on being there for sure.

“She’s seriously LOVING it. The gains she’s making sure are awesome. She’s got a boost in confidence and wants to work hard for you guys. Thank you for taking the time to help her. This team is EXACTLY what she needed. We are so thankful.”

Roger, I am sorting through mounds of paper my kid brought home as they clean out their desks at school, and I came across the Limerick Poem that (player) wrote. I thought you might enjoy it.

“I step up to bat, and I hear the crowd cheer! I stand in the box with confidence, no fear. All I focus on is hitting the ball. Far in the field so it touches the wall. I can feel victory coming very near!”

I love my life!