KC Ambush 07 – OMC Fall Invitational – Runner Up (10uC)


KC Ambush 07 entered the Olathe Medical Center Fall Invitational over the weekend.

We went in with the expectation of doing well, but we really just wanted to use this tournament to gauge what we needed to work on in our quest for world softball domination.

I don’t know what it is, but Ambush seems to not play to their full potential during pool play.  We won all pool play games but they weren’t won decisively.  I always wonder if it’s us coaches attitudes/demeanor portraying onto them by not demanding enough of them during pool play.  Or if the girls just don’t feel the sense of urgency because they know the pool play games are virtually meaningless.

Whatever the case, the girls tend to “turn it on” in bracket play.  During bracket play, these girls were highly focused.  More so than I’ve ever seen them in the past.  They played some really stellar defense to the point, other teams parents were coming up and bragging on how good they played in the field.

All in all, we came away holding our heads high with the 2nd place finish as we ran across a pitcher that had NO business playing “C” ball.  Despite that, it was an AWESOME experience for the girls that’ll probably motivate them to work harder as I’ll more than likely tell them they’ll face that type of pitching all the time when we move to B going forward.  However, the truth is, they won’t!  The pitcher we faced was a top of the line A pitcher.  Rumor has it she was brought in from out of town for that C tournament.  I hope it’s just a rumor.

Either way, KC Ambush girls played their hearts out and I’m actually glad we got to face that awesome pitcher.  We now know where we stand and what we need to work on.  Things are trending up for ALL Ambush teams.  I’m loving it!

#KCAmbush #TrustTheProcess