ROGER GARRETT – Founder, Player Development Coordinator and Head Coach of KC Ambush 08:

I have 10 + years of fast-pitch coaching experience with 8 of those at the fast-pitch comp level.  I played little league through college baseball (Lane College – Jackson, TN) as a catcher, pitcher and shortstop.  However, my high school (Hickman Mills Cougars) years were my most important as I was taught a LOT of fundamentals by my then coach, Dave “Hendu” Henderson.  He taught everything in a very patient, relaxed and relatable way which made us players believe in the process and want to run through a brick wall for him.  I now teach with that same intensity and philosophy as it made my baseball years so memorable.

One thing that I’ve heard that rings true to aid in that philosophy is, “Boys have to play good to feel good but girls have to feel good to play good”.  In my experience, It’s definitely been proven true through the years.  I’ve always maintained a “relax and perform” teaching environment with the girls in order to get them to achieve their maximum potential.

I LIVE for the underdog.  Give me a player that’ll try their hardest and make honest efforts to get better & I’ll welcome the challenge of turning that player into one of the best in the area.

Katie Smith – Assistant Coach of KC Ambush 08:

Katie was head coach of KC Ambush 06 before joining the ’08 coaching staff.  She brings a calm demeanor & approach to the girls in order to get them to perform to their full potential.

She was the assistant for KC Ambush 06 the previous 2 years and has really gotten to grow with the girls during that time.