Times have changed!

We’re about almost done with the yearly rat-race (tryouts).  KC Ambush 06 had their first practice yesterday and I threw a LOT at them in a short amount of time.

First we had a meet & greet in the outfield and one of the questions I asked them was rate yourself on 1-10…  First person off the bat ranks themselves as a 8.5.  Confidence was BREWING amongst the group.  There were a couple more 8’s while only one girl did a really good self evaluation of herself and rated herself an honest 5.  I hadn’t seen them at all so I was just wondering where they saw themselves.  I told them to remember their self-eval numbers as we’ll eventually revisit their self rating again in the future.

We got to warming up and I didn’t see ANY 8.5’s.  Still it was fun to witness their confidence so I’ll take it any way I can get it.  Whether they’re 8’s or whatever, they’re all on-board to relearn to do things the Ambush way.  Some caught on to drills quicker than others but all in all, they looked really good in a very short amount of time.

There’s a LOT of work on our plate but since this is the first time seeing these girls and how much they soak up technical training, I’m guessing they’ll excel sooner rather than later.


KC Ambush 07/08 split is going along quite nicely as well. We’re looking to fill 2 more spots on the 08 roster while the 07 team is completely full. They’ll start practicing the upcoming Monday and we’ll see how many “8+’s” we’ll have in that group as well.  Super excited to see these girls get going.  Should make for fun times ahead.

All in all, we still have a couple of holes to fill; Ambush ’03 open catcher position as well as a couple of 08 spots left to fill.  However, we’re full steam ahead with plans on all fronts as this is to be an exciting challenge.

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