KC Ambush 03 – Summer 6 Game SMASH Champions!!!

There you have it… The results of a perfect 8-0 weekend.  These girls played an almost flawless weekend in scoring 53 runs while only giving up 8 in the process.  This is our second complete 14A tournament of the year as we’ve been playing 16A the rest of the time. The other scheduled 14A tournaments have been rained out. The first 14A tournament we played in, we brought home the silver (2nd).

The weekend was a pretty good experience, but what was even more impressive was the fact that the girls stated they never wanted to play 14’s again.  They want to play 16A from here on out because the competition is so much harder & better.

We quickly found out over the weekend that at the 14A level, we look like superstars.  At 16A we’re a smidget above .500 for the season.  Which is about where I expected us to be.

Not only that, but due to our great tournament run for the weekend I was happy to see this beauty on our USSSA team page.

We’re ranked the #1 team in the state at the 14A level and #17 nationally.

It’s a great acknowledgement to own but in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a ranking.

We have more 16A things to accomplish before we consider anything a success.  We have a great opportunity to do it in this weekends 16A College Showcase in St. Louis.  That should be a fun/competitive weekend.  Hopefully it won’t be too hot.

For now… Congrats girls!