KC Ambush 03 – Dodgeball Tournament

Ambush 03 decided to give their go at Sky Zone for their monthly open dodge-ball tournament.  The girls had complete BLAST!  They came ready to seek and destroy any moving target they could conquer in the arena.

Fortunately lots of teenage boys and girls decided they wanted no parts of the Ambush rage and decided not to show.

So what do you do when you’re ready to compete and everyone else is a no-show? Your competitive juices are already flowing so you COMPETE within.

The girls decided to break up into teams and hold their own internal dodge-ball tournament. The results were HILARIOUS.  

They divided themselves amongst themselves and the teams looked pretty evenly matched ON PAPER

That was on paper.  In the end, the least favored team came out and took the gold.

Who were they?  It’s not important. What’s important is these girls had an awesome moment TOGETHER.  I tip my hat off to the parent(s) that organized this one as it made me want to get out there and take off some heads  (I couldn’t because I was in my work clothes).

After they finished their pool and bracket play in their internal tournament, they took to the open play arena.  There they’d go against random younger and older kids/teenagers that ranged from decent to really good in skillset.

They DOMINATED as a team winning every time they played against “the locals”.  Eventually, they had to be split up as it was pretty obvious that there was too much of a mismatch between Ambush and “the locals”.

In the end. They all placed 1st, 2 & 3rd in the tournament and won prices such as free time at Sky Zone for future play dates, etc.  

Afterwords they all went to the local teenager hangout spot and re-fueled on IHOP.

I had to bow out of that one as IHOP was NOT on my Friday night to do list. However, the girls did more bonding and that’s all I was concerned with.  Bigger things are on the horizon.  So far, I like what I’m seeing.  A little over a month and time will tell.

Something tells me we’re going to be a force to be dealt with and the girls are excited!

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