First time playing 16A

Even though our season has been up and down throughout the Spring/Summer months, I’ve been warning the parent’s that we’ll be taking our talents to a 16A tournament before the season ended.

It serves a couple of purposes.

For starters, we’ll get to see how we stack against competition playing 2 years ahead of our current age group (considering we’re a 1st year 14s club) and we’ll also get to experience stiffer competition against bigger people (we’re always the smallest team).

Ambush ’03 girls don’t care about size and they didn’t disappoint. We played some pretty good competition and pissed off a couple of teams in the process.  I went in with the hopes of winning one game for the weekend as a confidence builder for our squad.  I didn’t tell the girls that but I had that number stuck in my head all week leading up to the tournament.   No way did I figure we’d be anywhere close to bringing home some hardware.

First game of a 4 game Saturday, these girls hit the ground running and posted a 8-0 shutout. WHOAH! I wasn’t expecting that.  Not getting too ahead of myself so I curbed my enthusiasm.

The next game we were brought back to life and got manhandled 11-0. However, we had a crappy start to that game and that was the only game the other team one all weekend. I’d love my rematch chances.

So now I’m thinking we’re not too good nor not too bad.  Low and behold we jumped out against a pretty good team. They scored a couple of runs as well and we managed to notch a come from behind victory in our 3rd game for the day winning 5-3.

The 4th game the other team notched a come from behind victory and we lost by 1 on a passed ball to end the game.

That takes us into Sunday… We have to play the team we had the come from behind victory on the day before.  We’re a smaller team and I just know they want their revenge.  I hate those types of games.  In a pitchers duel until the last inning we jumped ahead 4-0 and they scored 3 runs to finish the game as we won 4-3.

The next game we played a really good Ambush game and came out on top 4-1.  Our pitcher for that game got the compliment of compliments (We forgot to tell her).  The opposing 3rd base coach told our coach that she’s the best pitcher they’ve faced in at least 3 weeks.  He then couldn’t believe that only one of our players is in HS with the rest, of course, being middle schoolers.

Then we got to Smithville Sting ’01 in the semi-final game. They put it on us really good and beat us 11-1.  I was happy with Saturday but these girls played Ambush ball almost effortlessly and came away with a 3rd place finish with pictures to prove it.

To top off the weekend.  Out of the blue, we received a invite to an invite only tournament which was awesome.

Now we’re prime for some much needed rest and relaxation after 4 straight weeks. The girls deserve the week off to heal.  Hopefully they don’t come back rusty.