Ambush Christmas 2016

We had our first ever (AWESOME) Christmas celebration that was put together by parents of the older Ambush team.

Everything was well planned, coordinated and we had a complete hoot!  Bowling, pizza, arcades, pool, white elephant gift exchanges as well as a regular gift exchange for the younger team, you name it.

The girls all had a blast socializing since it’s been a little over 2 months since they’ve last seen each other outside of group chat and face time or school.  They were as giddy as all get out.  I had to show them how good of an athlete I was in the bowling lanes, NOT!

This guy to the left is doing everything in his power trying not to blush while being asked to pose with the wonderful surprise gifts that were just presented to him.  He especially loves his custom Ambush tumbler.

Lots of the parents voluntarily expressed that they’re ready to get back at it now that they’ve been re-united. It’s like the gathering stirred up their competitive spider senses.

To the right is most of little Ambush that made small waves but major strides in 2016. There’s not one superior bowler in the bunch (bless their hearts). That’s ok! They’re not keeping bowling as their day-time jobs as they are becoming softball players instead of just, girls that play softball.

Luckily, they aren’t dancers either as they aren’t very good at staying in character as you can see at least one of them peaking out of their pose.  However, last night, their energy was contagious and hopefully it’ll carry over once we start indoor workouts next year.

After pizza, they were rewarded with a cake on it with our 2015 season slogan of “No Fear”.  It was a nice finish to a fantastic season. I’m so excited and ready for the holidays to be over so we can see just how eager they really are.

Something tells me on 1/8/2017 that they’re all going to be rethinking their life choices.  These girls will endure just as they always have.  2017 will be huge for both squads. Let’s get to it already! #kcambush