Ambush – Bittersweet practice field.

Last night Ambush rose to the challenge of getting our practice field in better shape.  The practice field was filled with rocks  for some reason from when they brought dirt in years ago.
When I say rocks, I mean ROCKS.  To put things into perspective, we scrimmaged a team on this field in the spring and they couldn’t believe the rock filled conditions we practiced on.  During the scrimmage, their girls had great difficulty fielding routine ground-balls while our girls eased through the field conditions like champs.

That moment suddenly hit me.  As a kid, I remembered how I used to make things harder on myself so when I’m faced with them in game situations I’d breeze through them.  So no doubt having Ambush field AND slide on this field prepared us for the upcoming season.  This is where the majority of our practices have been since our start.

Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago, the director of the field wanted to have his softball team and Ambush come out for a “prepare the field day”.   Long story short, only one of his players showed up (no knock on his team).  ALL of Ambush made it that didn’t have a prior commitment.  The field director was REALLY impressed with how engaged this team is with each other and the turnout we had on behalf of Ambush.  It was really something to be proud of as every parent and player made the dream work.  What’s more, when I presented the parents with the idea, there wasn’t a lot of excuses. It was more of a “we want to do this” attitude.  I don’t know if it was something they felt they did because they were tired of the rocks or if they just genuinely were up for it.  To be fair, they had no idea what work was being planned for the field so I’m guessing they were up for it.

When I say we worked, WE WORKED!

We had to rake the ENTIRE infield into multiple piles of dirt and use this makeshift sifter to pour the piles onto in order to sift the rocks out of the dirt.  Others seeded, fertilized and landscaped the surrounding area.

After about 3 hours, we got the infield looking respectable.  Now what are we to do with a regular infield?

I’m pretty sure, we’ll figure something out!